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Spice packing machine price

Spice packing machine price

Product Details: Chilly powder & Flour Packing machine 

We have super power pack system and manufacturer and exporter place Jaipur India. This is an automatic packing machine. True sachets packing machine is very demanding of the packing of sachet pouch all over the world. In the market it is the most sold smallest lot reaches in India. Take in the right Africa in USA, whether you are Sri Lanka, this machine ranges from 1 gram to 5 grams and ranges from 5 grams to 25 grams of 25 grams to 50 grams By and by packing Up 100gms 

Power SourceElectric
Machine Capacity10gms to 500gms
Driven TypeElectric
BrandSupper Power Pack
Power Consumption4hp
Machine TypeAutomatic
Size1500mm 2400mm
Accuracy (%)1+-
Automation GradeAutomatic
Packaging TypeCenter seal
Compressed Air Consumption (Mpa)6 to 8 bar
Packaging Range (mm)130mm to 300mm
Packaging Speed (Bag per min)30 to 50
Voltage (V)3 phase
Number Of Tracks1
Model NumberASTRA -57+
Weight (kg)450 kg
Packaging MaterialLaminated film
Temperature ControllerPID
Pouch CounterYes
Machine Control SystemPLC
Machine Dimensions1300mm to 1900mm
Pneumatic Airyes
Feeding HeadVolumatric Auger Filler
Filling SystemAuger Filler
Film Thickness50 micron
Max Roll Dia76mm
Sealer Heating SystemPID
Outer Dia Of The Film Roll76mm
Date Printing DeviceYes
Max Roll Width32mm
Inner Core Dia Of Film Roll75mm
Film Width420mm
Photo CellPNF , Germany
Power Requirement4hp
Max Length Of Pouch250 mm
Machine Weights450 kg
Machine Dimension1500mm1600mm2300mm
Filling Typescrew
Automatic GradeAutomatic
Batch Cuttingyes
Controlled ThroughPLC
Dosing Unitpneumatic
Screw FillerServo motor

ASTRA 56+- are economy models having many features that all high-tech and expensive machinery has , MICRO PROSH logic controller ) makes it smart and intelligent with electronic brain ,

Its performance is outstanding it is user friendly , seals pouches wrinkles free with intact sealing ,

Its is robust and operates making low noise level,

It consumes less power and optimum in efficiency , reducing packaging costs your products, ASTRA -EX IS REAL GENIE WORKING MIRACULOUSLY , UNTIRING , EFFICIENTLY AND FAITHFULLY ,

Servo Motor , SCHNEIDER Make –Auger Fillers solution for powder filling

Auger filler are providing accurate and reliable solution for the task of dosing various powders.

By selecting suitable combination of auger filler screw size and the speed of the auger screw rotation.Fast filling speed, and high dosing accuracy can be achieved without any damage to the structures of the powder.,,

Filling and dosing of the product this is one of the most important part of packaging installation.Accuracy and speed of the filling process determine
overall performance of the packaging line. Several options are available to suit specific characteristics of the product, and requirement of the packaging process. ,

Spice packing machine price

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