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Snacks pouch packing machine

Snacks pouch packing machine


Automatic Peanut, Snacks Packing Machine

We have brought automatic pouch packing machine, this machine is a salted peanut and snack packing machine, it works from 15 grams to 100 grams, when it is a Cup filler machine, the best thing in this machine is, That this is a low cost machine, and this is a computer control machine, this machine does not have maintenance, as if the sensor is not working in this machine, you will get an alert in the screen, so you will know, this sensor Not working, automatic alert will come in the automatic display, that you are encountering this problem, the special thing in this machine is that whichever we pick will go to the display, what is coming from the West without the best machine No machine,


Bamba Bear NutsCheetos DoritosFunyung
Pringles potato CrispsRuffles Potato ChipsChex Mix
Cracker NutsBubblegumNatural Snacks
Unapopped CorenKorean popcornBanana Cips
Salted peanutDry fruitFoods & Snacks


AUTOMATIC FROM FILL SEAL With Volumetric Cup filler
Astra – series of machinery are manufactured especially to suit the budget of budding entrepreneur in small scale and mid-scale industries ,
ASTRA_ – are economy models having many features that all high-tech and expensive machinery has ,MICRO PROSH logic controller ) makes it smart and intelligent with electronic brain ,
Its performance is outstanding it is user friendly , seals pouches wrinkles free with intact sealing , Its is robust and operates making low noise level, It consumes less power and optimum in efficiency , reducing packaging costs your products,
Cup Filler -450mm,
Filling Rage- 10gms to 50gms
Output ; 15 Up 40 Pouches/ Per Mint

Snacks pouch packing machine

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