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Auto pouch packing machine

We are manufacturing Milk Powder Packing Machine since 2012 which is very easy and simple to us, since then we have upgraded it to next level and come up with most refined final version of it just released Major of Indian any type of powder products manufacturing Companies have this machine manufacture by us just to make their production output to double.

Automatic filling machine manufacturers

The machine we manufacture is high grade Milk Powder Packing Machine which can increase your productivity to the next level. Our machine has high end features that you are never going to find anywhere. We did many research to design this, its design is very efficient which uses less resources and the output is very optimized.

We have 2 types of machine in the same category.

1- Manual Milk Powder Packing Machine.

This machine is for those who are tight on budget, with this machine you will be able to do most of the things on automatic basis. Some things are manual like to feed, paper change.

2-Fully Automatic machine

With this machine its functions will be fully automatic and the output will be maximum. You will be amazed of the quality that you are getting will be very clean and without any errors.

Product Details:

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– Pneumatic Type machine with coller.

– Constant heat seal bars for sealing the horizontal seal and double draw for vertical seal. controlled Induction motor for film draw down by rubbarised belts.

– make PLC with 7” colour touch screen HMI for controls. SCHNEIDER

– Motors for film unwinding and trolley movement.

– PID controllers for temperature control.

– MS sq pipe structure with ceramic painting, with all contact parts in SS 304.

– With one set of forming size parts.




(W/O PULLING BELTS). Servo Motor , LXM 26 Modal– SCHNEIDER
Operational control of VFFS Bagger thru PLC controller, SCHNEIDER- ..

Temperature adjustment through PID CONTROLLERS –

Motorized Film Unwinding Mechanism.

Built in Print Mark registration Device, PEPPERL+FUCHS,-GERMANY.

Air removing flaps to remove most of air from pouch.

Level sensor for No Product No Pouch



Servo Motor , SCHNEIDER LXM 26- Make

Auger -Fillers solution for powder filling

Auger filler are providing accurate and reliable
solution for the task of dosing various powders.

By selecting suitable combination of auger filler screw size and the speed of the auger screw rotation. Fast filling speed, and high dosing accuracy
can be achieved without any damage to the structures of the powder.,,

Filling and dosing of the product this is one of the most important part of packaging installation. Accuracy and speed of the filling process determine overall performance of the packaging line. Several options are available to suit specific characteristics of the product, and requirement
of the packaging process. , Both clutch/brake, or servo motor technology can be used for the control of the auger filler screw rotation, offering rotation accuracy of few degree

Auger filling – 50, gms to 200gms

Output ; 45 Up 70 Pouchs/ Per Mint

automatic filling machine manufacturers

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